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Adult Education

Adult education graduates

Dyersburg State Adult Education program is dedicated to empowering undereducated adults of all racial and ethnic backgrounds and assisting them to achieve economic self-sufficiency. Furthermore, our mission is to provide the education environment, which will allow opportunities for maximizing the potential of the citizens of Dyer and Gibson Counties for assuming their roles as contributing members of a complex and changing society.

Where do I start?

Call the adult education site in your county and ask to be placed on the list for the orientation. At the orientation, you will be required to take tests, the TEST of Adult Basic Education (TABE) Locator Test and Core Battery Test. The locator test will give the testing administrator the knowledge of which core battery test to give you. A battery test simply means that you will be taking tests in reading, mathematics computation, applied mathematics, and language.

The TABE test results will tell us if you already have the skills you need to prepare for the high school equivalency test or if you need to work on basic skills first. An instructor will review your test results and advise you of which skills you need to work on. You will the be assigned to classes to work on your skills.


Importance of the classes?

The prep classes, along with computer aided instruction, provide preparation for the high school equivalency test. Class work is usually self-paced and based on your personal learning level. Many times, the entire class may all be working on different assignments, and the instructor will be assisting each student or group with any problems. It is your responsibility to let the instructor know about any problems you are having with your class work. All classes are FREE of charge. Classes are offered both day and night.

Depending on your background knowledge, personal motivation, and study habits, the time for completion will vary with each person.

For more information contact

Elizabeth B. Feith
Adult Education Supervisor
SDA 39: Dyer and Gibson Counties
Dyersburg State Community College
401 Country Club Road
Dyersburg, TN 38024


What Now?

Call the Dyersburg State Adult Education site in your county to get information about classes and orientations.

DSCC is the designated testing center for Dyer County and UT Martin is the testing center for Gibson County.

Site Locations

Dyersburg State Community College
401 Country Club Rd.
Dyersburg, TN 38024

Community Resource Center
201 W. 10th St.
Trenton, TN 38382

Humboldt High School
2600 Viking Dr.
Humboldt, TN 38343

Milan Library
1075 E. Van Hook St.
Milan, TN 38358