Achieving the Dream

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Achieving the Dream (ATD) is a nation-wide network aimed at helping community colleges bolster student success. To accomplish this, ATD uses student achievement data to influence broad institutional change.  By joining the Achieving the Dream network, DSCC has committed to a student-centered model of continuous institutional improvement and excellence.  ATD serves as a catalyst for colleges to strengthen and build capacity to ensure that more students complete college and have more opportunity for economic success.

The 2018-19 academic year is considered a planning year and focuses on data collection and analysis.  For more information on Achieving the Dream, please visit their official website.

Upcoming Meetings & Events

The next meetings with the ATD Coaches are set for the week of January 27th and the week of April 28th.


For more information, contact the following ATD team facilitators:

Dr. Karen Bowyer

Facilitator, ATD Core Team

Mary Ricks
Director of Institutional Research
Facilitator, ATD Data Team

Amy Finch
Director of Public Information
Facilitator, ATD Communications Team

Core Team

The Core Team provides strategic direction to the overall ATD-related efforts.  Using data and analytics from the Data Team, the Core Team identifies, manages and implements student success initiatives that align with ATD capacity areas.

Team Members

Meeting Minutes - 11/8/2018

Data Team

The Data Team is focused on collecting, analyzing, and sharing data regarding student progression and success. This team works closely with the Core Team on the colleges’ student success efforts.


Team Members

Meeting Minutes - 11/8/2018

Communications Team

The Communications Team implements and monitors the communications plan for all ATD-related efforts at the college.  This includes internal communications about ATD, and communications with stakeholders about student success initiatives.

Team Members

Meeting Minutes - 11/8/2018