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What the Upward Bound Program Offers

Upward Bound Academics
  • Free tutoring from peers and counselor.
  • Visits to 18-21 colleges and universities during participation in Upward Bound years.
  • College preparation, life skills and application courses.
  • Special instruction and assistance from surrounding area school teachers.
  • A $40 monthly stipend in the academic year and up to a$90 stipend during the 6 weeks Summer College Experience.
  • Free admission to many local events, exposure to the arts, cultural and social events.
  • Access to DSCC facilities and campus.
  • Access to resources and materials related to college, technology, and business.
  • Introduction to many local area prominent officials.
  • Participation in the summer college "bridge" program where Upward Bound will pay for up to 2 hours college credit classes and books.
  • Access to private scholarships offered by local banks and numerous service organizations.
  • The opportunity to meet and interact with other students from local area participating high schools.
  • Acquaintances and friendships that will carry throughout a lifetime.
  • Continued counseling and interaction with the Upward Bound Staff throughout the Post Secondary Education Experience
Upward Bound Offers

GPA Improvement
Life Skills
Hope for College