Learning Communities Offered Fall Semester

Talk to your advisor about how these class pairings can help you succeed!

Dyersburg State Community College (DSCC) will offer paired learning community courses at its Dyersburg campus and the DSCC Jimmy Naifeh Center at Tipton County beginning fall 2017. Learning communities are class pairings that form connections between the content in two courses. Research shows that this method of teaching helps engage students and improves learning.

Learning communities offered at the Dyersburg campus this fall include English Composition II/Intro to Theatre, World Literature I/World Civilization I, and Music Appreciation/Intro to Sociology. An online learning community will be available pairing Probability and Statistics with Computer Applications.

DSCC also plans to offer learning communities at the DSCC Jimmy Naifeh Center at Tipton County including Anatomy and Physiology I/Microbiology, English Composition I/General Psychology, and English Composition II/Speech.

These course pairings are designed to increase chances for academic success by providing students with a unique learning experience that is supportive and more personal. Some assignments will cross over between the courses in order to promote collaboration with classmates and instructors.

Students interested in signing up for a learning community should make an appointment to speak with their advisor. Students may also contact a One Stop Center at 731-286-3350 (Dyersburg), 731-855-1419 (Trenton) or 901-475-3100 (Covington).