Theatre Department to Present 'The Big Meal'

Fall production set for Nov. 8-10

The Dyersburg State Community College (DSCC) theatre department is preparing for its upcoming production of Dan LeFranc’s ‘The Big Meal”. The play is scheduled to be presented Thursday through Saturday, Nov. 8 -10 in the First Citizens National Bank Auditorium, Campus Activities Building on the Dyersburg campus.

‘The Big Meal’ is a look at an American family as their lives play out in mostly average or below average restaurants over the course of several decades. Introduced first are Nicky and Sam, whom the audience will follow through their children and grandchildren, through good times and bad. The play offers a considerable amount of humor as family members talk over each other and bicker as they try to decide what to order, but likewise serves up an equal amount of pathos as the family experiences very difficult losses. The title is a metaphor for what life serves up in the end for all of us.

Adding to the complexity of the play, each actor plays multiple roles - all within his or her age range. For example, Nicky (Nicole) will be played by three different actresses at different stages of her life.  Similarly, the younger actress plays not only Nicky, but four other characters within her age range.  The play offers a tremendous, yet very challenging opportunity for all of the performers, including a young boy and a girl.  Likewise, it requires a bit of imagination on the part of the audience.

Members of the cast include Janna Crisp as Woman #1 (Older Woman); Jimmy Anderson as Man #1 (Older Man); Sara Smith as Woman #2 (Woman); Luke Smith as Man # 2 (Man); Leia Robinson as Woman #3 (Young Woman); J.R. Prater as Man #3 (Young Man); Morgan Sharp as the Girl; and Holden Williams as the Boy. Savannah Alls serves as the Stage Manager and cast extra (Server).

Play Director Meleia Lewis hopes all will come out to experience this funny, yet very moving play. For more information, contact her at 731-286-3261.