Fall 2017 Theatre Production Auditions

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The DSCC Theatre Department announces

Auditions for

The Waverly Gallery
by Kenneth Lonergan

Gladys Green, a high-spirited octogenarian former lawyer, who runs a little art gallery in the corner of a small hotel in Greenwich Village, is facing a departure.  She has been asked to vacate the location, which is just steps from her apartment, so that it can become a coffee bar.  But she also faces a departure of her thoughts, her memories.  The Waverly Gallery offers many poignant moments, to which anyone dealing with a family member suffering from any form of dementia can relate, but it also offers many comedic moments that you just have to laugh at!  The play follows her departures, through the eyes of her adult grandson, her daughter and son-in-law, and a young artist whose paintings she has graciously been displaying.   Gladys is one of a kind, but in her you will probably recognize someone dear to you!

Auditions are scheduled for

Thursday, Sept. 7th at 5:00
Friday, Sept. 8th at 4:00

in the FCNB Auditorium (Campus Activities Building on the Dyersburg campus)

Roles are available for 3 males and 2 females, including one mature actress.

For more information, or to check out a script overnight, please call 731-286-3261.