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DSCC Dual Enrollment Program

The Dual Enrollment program is a terrific opportunity for eligible high school juniors and seniors to earn college credit before they graduate. Interested junior and senior high school students are encouraged to check the Dual Enrollment Admissions Requirements to determine eligibility. Eligible students must complete the following in order to participate in the DSCC Dual Enrollment Program:

  1. Complete the Dual Enrollment Grant Application.
  2. Complete the DSCC Dual Enrollment online or paper admissions application.
  3. Pay fees or enroll in the Deferred Payment Plan by the specified semester deadlines:
    Spring 2014 - January 15

Interested applicants are encouraged to reference the Dual/Joint Enrollment Student Responsibility Checklist for a detailed list of responsibilities. Applicants are also encouraged to visit the Dual Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions webpage for answers to common questions.