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Where do I pay for parking tickets?
FAQ Answer: Parking tickets may be paid online or to any DSCC cashier located in the Eller Building, the One Stop, the Jimmy Naifeh Center or the Gibson County Center.
Must credit balance checks (financial aid refunds) be picked up in the Eller Building in Dyersburg?
FAQ Answer: No. If you attend at the Jimmy Naifeh or Gibson County Centers, upon receipt of your email notification, you may email Kim Litton at and request that your check be sent to either of those locations. Of course, if you have signed up for direct deposit, the monies will be deposited directly into the account authorized.
How do I pay my fees?
FAQ Answer: Once you have registered , you must make all your financial arrangements through the DSCC Business Office. Remember, you must pay for classes (or make financial arrangements) before the payment due date to reserve your seat in the class. You may pay your fees in person, by mail or online. Select the Paying for College tab on the website to see how to pay instructions, as well as, financial assistance options.
What is a purge date?
FAQ Answer: These are dates determined by DSCC administration when all unpaid classes will be dropped. The reason for purges is to make class seats available to others. To reserve your seat, you must make payment arrangements on or before the payment due date or at the time you register if you register after the payment due date.
When will lottery checks be ready? What about TSAC or scholarship checks?
FAQ Answer: Lottery and TSAC checks are printed as soon as DSCC receives the grant money from the State of Tennessee. These monies are usually received within 30-45 days from the beginning of the term. Please contact the Financial Aid office at 731-286-3263 if your expected aid has not posted by this time.
I did not know that I needed to drop my courses since I was not attending. Why do I owe money?
FAQ Answer: Students who sign up for a course assume responsibility for payment. Although DSCC does purge students for non-payment, do not assume that you will be purged. The only way to guarantee that you will not be liable for the costs of the courses for which you registered is to officially drop prior to the beginning of the term. If you drop a class on or after the first day of the term, you will not receive a full refund.
Do I have to have an ID to pick up my financial aid check?
FAQ Answer: Yes , a picture ID is required to pick up any check.
When will my loan money be available?
FAQ Answer: Loan checks are applied to the eligible students accounts once DSCC receives the money from the lender. It may take as long as 4 weeks for a loan to be processed. Do the loan application process by the Financial Aid priority date to assure your information gets processed before the payment due dates.
I do not have my books yet. Do I still need to go to class?
FAQ Answer: Yes, every class meeting should be attended by the student in order to make satisfactory progress and pass the class. Books are available (on reserve) at the LRC for students to use until they are able to purchase their books so they can complete their assignments. You may be eligible to apply for a Book Voucher. Select the Paying for College tab then select Financial Aid Available to find out more about this Book Voucher program or contact the Business Office at 731-286-3310.
I need my financial aid check so I can buy my books. Can I pick up my check early?
FAQ Answer:

The Business Office begins the Financial Aid credit balance refunding process by the fourth business day of the semester. You will receive an e-mail notification to your MyDSCC e-mail account when your financial aid credit balance has been processed. You may also apply for a Book Voucher prior to the beginning of the term. If eligible, you may purchase up to $600.00 (or the amount of your financial aid credit balance if less than $600.00) in required books/materials during Fall and Spring semesters. This will allow you to obtain required books/materials on the first day of the term. The Book Voucher application may be obtained online or from any cashier. Complete the form and return it to the Business Office.