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Can I just walk on and be eligible for athletics?
FAQ Answer: No, you must meet certain academic criteria.
Is there a try out for baseball , softball or basketball?
FAQ Answer: Contact the head coach for each respective sport for information on try outs and how to get involved with a team. Men's Basketball: Alan Barnett 731-286-3259 Women's Basketball 731-288-7742 Baseball: Robert White 731-286-3252 Softball:George White 731-286-3274
Do you have any athletic scholarships available?
FAQ Answer: There have been cases where scholarships were available for walk-on athletes. The athlete must pass a proving period before they become entitled to any scholarships that might be available. Contact the Athletic Director at 731-286-3259.
When are athletic tryouts?
FAQ Answer: Contact the applicable head coach for try out dates. Basketball: Alan Barnett 731-286-3259 Women's Basketball: Rian Puckett 731-288-7742 Baseball: Robert White 731-286-3252 Softball: George White 731-286-3274. Each interested player must have a physical on file with the trainer before they can try out.
Do I need an athletic release or waiver if I am coming from another college?
FAQ Answer: Yes , you need a release/waiver if you are coming from a 2 year member institution. A release/waiver is not necessary if you are coming from a 4 year institution.
Do I need all my transcripts to be eligible for athletics?
FAQ Answer: Yes. Failure to submit all college and high school transcripts will prevent you from playing in any athletic sports.
What is DSCC's Federal School Code?
FAQ Answer: 006835
Is my financial aid automatically renewed each year?
FAQ Answer: No , renewal of financial aid is not automatic. Students must file a FAFSA each year and demonstrate satisfactory progress.
How do I apply for institutional scholarships?
FAQ Answer: All students who complete the FAFSA and meet admissions requirements are eligible for scholarships. Eligible students are ranked using a formula where financial need is the primary consideration. Those applying by March 1 of the current award year are given first consideration.
When will verification be complete?
FAQ Answer: The verification process varies in the time it takes it to be completed. Processing is performed on a first-come, first-serve basis and is done as quickly as possible. You will receive a letter when your award is made. You can also log into the MyDSCC Student Information System to check the status of your financial aid award. Once in the system you will need to follow these instructions: Click on the Student Tab Click on Banner Self-Service Click on Financial Aid Select Award Select Award for Aid Year Select the Aid Year you would like to view. Click on the Award Overview tab. Award descriptions, amounts, and the status will display. Funds displayed on this page are based on full-time enrollment and may be adjusted based on enrollment.