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Pre-Nursing Curriculum

Nursing Professor Gina Seratt instructs student on patient care

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This curriculum is specifically designed for students who plan to transfer to pursue a baccalaureate degree Students who desire to enter DSCC’s Nursing Program should refer to the admission requirements for Nursing and the curriculum requirements for the Associate of Applied Science in the Nursing major.

Because of the varying entry points for acceptance/entrance into baccalaureate nursing programs and the different structures of nursing curricula, community college students who wish to transfer to university programs are advised to follow a freshman year curriculum, as prescribed below, applicable to all university nursing majors.* By completing this one-year plan of studies and then transferring before the sophomore year to a university, community college students will be on par with prospective nursing students who began the freshman year at a public university in Tennessee. Community college students who pursue this plan will then be eligible at the earliest opportunity to compete for acceptance to a four-year nursing program leading to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

Please note that the completion of the pre-nursing community college curriculum and the subsequent courses taken at a university do not guarantee acceptance into a baccalaureate nursing program. Nursing is a highly competitive major, and only the most highly qualified students are admitted.** The specific  requirements for admission to university nursing programs may be found in the catalogs of the various universities.

To facilitate success in this program, all students should enroll in ORN 1010 Orientation: Learning to Succeed during their first semester at DSCC.

*The University of Tennessee, Knoxville does not accept transfer students. Nursing students are admitted in the freshman year at UT Knoxville.

**Community college students may also pursue various RN to BSN programs as a means of attaining the BSN degree. These programs assume the completion of the Associate of Applied Science degree with a major in Nursing, licensure as a Registered Nurse and fulfillment of other criteria. Information concerning these programs is available in university catalogs.


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