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Now's the perfect time to go back to school and earn your degree or certificate!

Rebecca Reeves

DSCC Adult Student Coordinator

Tracie Langley

DSCC Admissions Counselor

What is TN Reconnect?

TN Reconnect is an initiative to help adults enter higher education so that they may gain new skills, advance in the workplace, and fulfill lifelong dreams of completing a degree or credential.

Why Dyersburg State?

At Dyersburg State, we know that working, providing for your family and other household responsibilities are a reality for most adult learners. Going back to school to earn your degree or certificate may seem overwhelming or financially impossible - that's why we have a dedicated staff in place to help you figure out the steps to take and make it easier from start to finish.

Convenient Online & Night Classes - One-on-One Personal Instruction - Affordable Tuition
92% Job Placement Rate - Close to Home - Deferred Payment Plan

Whether you're needing to finish a degree or are starting college for the first time, contact one of our friendly staff and get started today!

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