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Confirming Enrollment


Students must confirm enrollment of their classes.  For students receiving financial aid, if you do not confirm your enrollment, your aid will not be applied to your account and you will be dropped from your classes. For students not receiving financial aid, paying your fees by cash, check, or credit card will confirm your enrollment. 

By confirming your enrollment, you are instructing Dyersburg State Community College to hold the schedule of classes in which you are enrolled. 

By doing so, you are agreeing that you are financially responsible for the educational costs (tuition, fees, etc.) associated with these classes.  Even if you expect financial aid to pay all or part of your financial obligations to the Institution, you understand that it is your responsibility to meet all requirements for disbursement to your student account. You are agreeing that the Institution use the financial aid to pay for all education costs charged to your student account for your entire period of enrollment or attendance at the Institution.

You understand that it is your responsibility to ensure that all requirements of grantors, lenders, employers, and other third party payers are met on a timely basis.

You understand that despite your expectations for payment from financial aid or other sources, that you are ultimately responsible for all charges incurred.

You understand that your financial aid may be adjusted due to eligibility. You agree to pay back to the Institution any amounts that you are not eligible for under applicable financial aid guidelines.

You understand that in order to eliminate this financial responsibility, you must OFFICIALLY WITHDRAW (DROP) from each class BEFORE the first day of each term. 

To confirm registration of your classes:

  • At click My DSCC
  • Log in with your User name and Password
  • Click on the Student Tab
  • Under Registration Tools, click on Payment of Fees/Confirmation of Enrollment 
  • Select your Term of enrollment; then click submit
  • Read the Statement of Responsibility for Educational Costs
  • If you will  be attending, Click on Yes, I will attend during [Term]. Wait for a confirmation number

If your financial aid does not cover your fees and you owe a balance, you must make a payment to confirm registration.  You will receive a confirmation number after your registration has been confirmed.