About the College

Dyersburg State Community College focuses on student learning and offers high-quality academic programs that allow you to complete your first two years of college coursework at about one-half the cost of attending a public four-year institution.

DSCC also offers career programs that provide the training you need to enter the job market or upgrade your current skills. In addition, Dyersburg State offers several certificate programs which prepare students for specific, high-demand occupations.

A message from the President

Dr. Karen Bowyer

Whether you are a student thinking of enrolling, an alumnus catching up on the latest news or a business owner reviewing student resumes, we are glad you have visited our web site.

Opening in 1969, DSCC has worked to improve the quality of higher education in northwest Tennessee. Most experts agree that education is more important today than ever before.

DSCC continues to grow to meet the needs of our students; in fact, DSCC was the fastest growing higher education institution in the Tennessee Board of Regents system in 2009.

In addition, DSCC boasts some of the most up-to-date educational facilities in the state. In these buildings you will find faculty and staff who pride themselves on providing a supportive environment and on giving students individual attention which helps them succeed. DSCC offers a variety of services to students including financial aid, career counseling and peer tutoring.

Dr. Karen A. Bowyer, DSCC President