Dyersburg State Code of Honor and Citizenship

Image of DSCC students listening to class lecture.

Dyersburg State Community College (DSCC) maintains a strong sense of honor and citizenship that is incorporated in all aspects of institution and administration.  A testament to the institution's commitment to these values, the college endorses and emphasizes the following code:

The Dyersburg State Code of Honor and Citizenship

When I enter Dyersburg State Community College, I agree to participate in a community that emphasizes learning. 

I will:

  • Treat myself and others with concern and respect;
  • Honor the rights, property, privacy, and safety of others;
  • Discuss ideas rationally with those whose opinions are different from mine;
  • Do honest work;
  • Actively help make DSCC a better place for people to learn;
  • Arrive punctually and actively participate in classroom activities;
  • Acquire required course materials and be prepared for classes;
  • Use college support services in order to achieve my academic and career goals;
  • Obey college regulations;
  • Report inappropriate behavior.

In particular, I will not:

  • Behave indecently or violently;
  • Threaten, belittle, or harass anyone;
  • Cheat or help others to cheat;
  • Intentionally plagiarize or copy people's ideas without giving them credit in my written and verbal assignments;
  • Vandalize property or take what belongs to others;
  • Use computer technology in harmful, wasteful, or disrespectful ways;
  • Bother the ability of others to learn and teach by making loud noises with my conversation, my music, my vehicle's mufflers, or other such behaviors;
  • Distract others with loud conversation, music, vehicles, or behaviors;
  • Act rudely toward authorities at any DSCC location.

I will strive to do what shows a high regard for myself and others.