Student Not Graduating from High School with a Regular (Standard) Diploma

Students in this category:

  • Are at least 21 years of age
  • Did not graduate from high school with a regular or standard diploma and have not earned the GED or HiSET
  • Cannot work toward a degree or an academic certificate
  • Can only enroll in Learning Support courses based on ACCUPLACER or ACT placement
  • Are not eligible for financial aid. 

Ready to apply?   Follow the steps below:

  1. Complete an Application

    1. Complete the online or paper admissions application if you did not attend DSCC the previous semester excluding summer. 
  2. Request Documentation

    1. Immunizations
      1. Provide proof of immunizations
    2. Proof of Citizenship
      1. Provide required EVEA documentation as requested
  3. Receive Acceptance

    1. A letter of acceptance will be sent to you from the Office of Admissions letting you know your next steps.