ACE (Nursing Acceleration Challenge Examination - LPN to RN Fast Track)

The ACE Exam is administered to LPN's to award credit for advanced placement in the Nursing Program.  It is a computerized 200-item, four-option, multiple-choice test.  The ACE is a timed test.  The time allowed is four hours.  Calculators, reference materials, and/or other electronic devices are prohibited during the test.  The test results will be available four hours after completion of the test.

Applicants MUST obtain a username and password from the National League for Nursing (NLN) website, in order to register for a test date and time. A new login will have to be created in order to take the ACE exam. Any previous logins to NLN for past test or information will not work. If you have any questions regarding ACE registration, please contact the Testing Center at 286-3355.

  • Testing dates for May and June will be posted at the end of March. Testing dates for November and December will be posted at the end of September.
  • The Student Guide to the NLN Testing Portal provides additional useful information about registering for ACE exam.
  • NLN has provided Nursing with the ACE Exam Study Guide to be used to prepare for the ACE exam.


The following testing guidelines have been set by the Division of Nursing regarding the ACE exam for admission into the LPN-RN Fast Track Nursing Program at Dyersburg State Community College. Please review each guideline carefully as there will be no exceptions.

  1. Students will register, schedule and pay the NLN for the exam.
  2. Students will be required to setup an account with the NLN. Your NLN username and password and a photo ID is required on test day.
  3. Testing is limited to two attempts to score 75% or higher. Students will be unable to retest for three (3) years after the first two attempts are exhausted. Nursing testing policy states that test scores are only good for three (3) years.
  4. There must be a minimum of six (6) months between the two test dates. If a student registers and pays the NLN to take the ACE exam prior to the six month wait requirement, the student will either lose the test fee or pay an additional $15.00 to reschedule to a later date.
  5. If a student does complete two test in violation of the six (6) month testing policy, the first ACE score will be used even if the score is below the required 75 score. The second score will be invalid and the student will have one remaining opportunity to test.
  6. Students whose name appears on a testing roster prior to the six (6) month and/or three (3) year wait period policy will be notified by the Division of Nursing and will not be allowed to test. It is the responsibility of the student to adhere to the six (6) months, two attempts testing policy. If a student tests twice in less than six (6) months, the first test score will be used regardless of a pass or fail score.
  7. Testing fees are non-refundable per the NLN testing policy.
  8. The ACE exam will be administered by the DSCC Testing Center located in the Student Center on Dyersburg Campus, and at the Jimmy Naifeh Center at Tipton County in the Baptist Academic Building.
  9. Testing dates are posted in March for the test dates in May and June. Testing dates are posted in September for the test dates in November and December. If no dates appear for DSCC, there are no dates available or sessions are full.
  10. Test scores will not be immediate. There will be a 4 hour processing time until scores are posted. Log into your account later in the day to view your score. If there are issues seeing the score, contact the Testing Center at 731-286-3355. The Testing Center can give directions for obtaining your score but will be unable to give any specific test score information over the telephone.

If you have questions regarding the LPN-RN Fast Track Nursing Program, please contact the Division of Nursing at 731-286-3390.

If you have questions regarding registering for the ACE exam, please contact the Testing Center at 731-286-3355.