Become an Eagle

Each sport conducts an annual try-out. Contact the coach for more information.

  • Men's Basketball - Mr. David Anderson, Athletic Director and Head Men's Basketball Coach - Call 731-286-3259 or email
  • Women's Basketball - Mr. Charles Taylor, Head Women's Basketball Coach - Call 731-288-7742 or email
  • Baseball - Mr. Robert White, Head Baseball Coach - Call 731-286-3252 or email
  • Softball - Mr. George White, Head Softball Coach - Call 731-286-3274 or email
  • Women's Soccer - Mr. Robert Luttrell, Head Women's Soccer Coach - email
  • Cheer Team - Ms. Kate Thompson, Head Cheer Team Coach - Call 731-285-5100 or email


For more information regarding Dyersburg State Community College Athletics
Larenda Fultz, Dean of Student Services
Dyersburg State Community College
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