General Biology I Honors Requirements

As a part of Biology 1110, students are given ten questions from several chapters of the text. The text location for answers to these questions are identified by page number. Students are given extra credit for completing these. (See appended example of Chapter 4). These opting for the Honors Course will substitute two questions designated as critical thinking. (The answers will be removed but given to them upon submission of their written answers.)

Our campus nature trail is bordered by numerous botanical species, birds, and fungi. Some of the botanical specimens have been imported to the trail from other locations.

Some of our laboratory sessions for Biology 1110 have exercises redundant of high school courses. An example is the first wee where the first laboratory exercise is devoted to the microscope and its use. These laboratory exercises should be identified and the Honors students exempted from them. As a substitution the honors students will have the opportunity to become acquainted with the nature trail. This would include learning to identify most of the species adjacent to the nature trail. Working with biology instructors the student will be required to prepare and conduct a tour for Earth Day activities.

A written report for the semester will be submitted. The report will include:

  1. The variety of trees adjacent to the trail and the total number of each species.
  2. Recommendations for the physical improvement of the trail.
  3. Recommendations for better utilization of the course for educational purposes.
  4. Recommendations for better utilization by the community.