Crayfish Model

The following pictures show parts of the crayfish labeled with the parts that could appear on the lab practical. Study the parts closely. See the original models in the lab and then see these pictures. It will help to know what you are looking at.

crayfish eye

crayfish green gland

crayfish organs

crayfish pyloric and cardiac stomach

crayfish dorsal artery and intestine

crayfish rectum and anus

The following parts could be in the lab practical:
5 & 17-->Eye
2-->Green gland
13-->Ventral nerve
36-->Ventral artery
38-->Dorsal artery
35-->Sternal artery
29 & 30-->Heart
28-->Digestive gland
20-->Cardiac stomach
22-->Pyloric stomach

Project Originally began by Dennis Anderson.
Molecular Models were assembled by DSCC Biology Professor Dr. Billy Williams.
Photography by Jonathon Mooney and Dennis Anderson.

The Lab Notes were produced by Dr. Billy Williams and Dr. Bill Redmond.

Labeled Models appearing in Biology 1110 &1120 were purchased from:

1. Bobbit Laboratories; Burlington, North Carolina


3. Hubbard Scientific Co; Northbrook, Illinois

4. Nystrom Biological Model Co; Chicago, Illinois

5. Wards Natural Science; Establishment, Inc.