The Mission of Upward Bound....

Upward Bound's goal is to prepare high school students for postsecondary education programs that lead to careers in the fields of their interest.

The UB Staff strives to recruit students who are motivated to learn and succeed.  We seek out students whose desire is to improve GPA, with the determination and attitude to attend and complete college.

Some Program Activities
  • Summer College Experience classes in preparation for fall high school term
  • Year round counseling and advisement
  • Scholars Bowl academic team building and competitions
  • Cultural events, museum visits, Broadway plays
  • University and College tours
Program Support

Students are recruited into the Upward Bound program as sophomores and complete the program when they graduate high school. Upward Bound tracks the post-secondary enrollment and graduation of all students who enter the program as high school sophomores.  The UB staff will offer advisement and encouragement for all former students to promote college graduation. Our long term goal is to see an Upward Bound students college diploma!