Theatre Dept. to Present 'Over the River and Through the Woods'

Nov. 7 - 9 at 7:30 p.m.

The DSCC theatre department is preparing for its upcoming production of Jo DiPietro’s ‘Over the River and Through the Woods’. The play is scheduled to be presented Thursday through Saturday, Nov. 7 – 9 at 7:30 p.m. in the First Citizens National Bank Auditorium, Campus Activities Building on the Dyersburg campus. General admission is $5 per person and tickets are available at the door. Free admission for DSCC students.

‘Over the River and Through the Woods’ is a warm-hearted, boisterously funny, and touching story about intergenerational relationships, deep familial love, and the inevitable little heartbreaks that occur as time passes and children grow. The play, set in New Jersey, centers around Nick, a 29-year old marketing executive, and his two sets of Italian-American grandparents. When he can finally get a word in edge-wise amid the grandparents’ banter and his maternal grandmother trying to feed him, Nick shares that he has been offered a promotion. The grandparents initially react with enthusiasm until he reveals that the promotion requires him to move across the country. The grandparents are determined that they will not allow their only grandson to move without a fight. Joe DiPietro’s intimate family comedy is a beloved staple of theatres across the United States.

Members of the cast include Jacob Hamstra of Dyersburg as Nick Cristano; Jimmy Anderson of Dyersburg as Frank Gianelli; Trish Towater of Jackson as Aida Gianelli; and Bobby Solmon and Chris Solmon of Dyersburg as Nunzio and Emma Cristano. Crew members include Molly Shands of Halls, stage manager; Spencer Beck of Newbern, lighting; John Hensley of Newbern, sound; Rob Lipker of Friendship, props; and set construction by students currently enrolled in the Introduction to Theatre course.

Play Director Meleia Lewis hopes all will come out to experience this funny, yet very moving play. For more information, contact her at 731-286-3261.