DSCC Holds 35th Annual Spanish Feria

OCCHS takes home grand premio honors

On March 10, Dyersburg State Community College (DSCC) hosted the 35th Annual Spanish Feria inside the E.H. Lannom, Jr. Gymnasium on the Dyersburg campus. The Feria is one of the capstone events for area high school students taking Spanish language and culture courses. Students from 12 local high schools competed in areas as diverse as crafts, cooking, video production, dictation, conversation, vocabulary, poetry and salsa dancing.

This year, 532 students from Bradford, Brighton, Cooter, Covington, Dyer County, Fulton, Martin Westview, Milan, Munford, Obion County Central, Ripley and South Gibson County High Schools took part in the Feria.

The work of over 100 volunteers from the College and the community is needed to host the event. The event was coordinated by Ewa Pate, administrative assistant to the dean of arts and sciences, Dr. Jimmy Barham, dean of arts and sciences, and Teresa Adams, TRIO secretary. High schools interested in participating in next year’s event are encouraged to contact Ewa Pate at 731-286-3370 or epate@dscc.edu.


2020 FERIA WINNER’S LIST (by category)

ARTESANIAS (Arts & Crafts)

Pottery, Model BuildinG (School)

1st Place            Annabella Wooten - Obion County Central HS

2nd Place           Tanner Stewart - Covington  HS

3rd Place            Hunter Hall - Munford HS 


Paper Crafts
1st Place           Brandon Rushing - Fulton HS

2nd Place          Hannah Laster & Emily Bay - Westview HS

3rd Place           Alexis Smith - Munford HS   


Fiber & Fabric Crafts, Costumes, Clothing
1st Place           Rebecca Walter - Bradford HS

2nd Place          Maya Frost - Obion County Central HS

3rd Place           Julia Carson - Obion County Central HS


Painting, Drawings
1st Place           Makayla Buchanan - Obion County Central HS

2nd Place          Mason Terry - So. Gibson County HS

3rd Place           Maddie Cooper -  So. Gibson County HS


Carteles (Posters)
1st Place             Jessie True - Covington HS

2nd Place            Karlee Pugh - Obion County Central HS

3rd Place             Justice Lumley - Munford HS


Cartas De Identidad (Name Tags)
1st   Place           Jill Matlock - Covington HS

2nd Place           Morella Salazar - Ripley HS

3rd Place            Seth Frields - Westview HS




Entremeses (Appetizers)
1st Place           Isaias Cantu’ - So. Gibson County HS

2nd Place          Sara Oliver - Covington HS  

3rd Place           Lovelia Gilley - So. Gibson County HS


Entradas (Main Course)
1st Place           Parker Johnson - Obion County Central HS

2nd Place           Kayden Farrell - Covington HS

3rd Place           Tessa Stout - Westview HS 


Postres (Desserts)
1st Place           John Mark Totty & Andrew Stacks - Westview HS

2nd Place          Ruth Martinez - Milan HS 

3rd Place           Shelby Crews - Obion County Central HS 


DICTADO (Dictation)


Nivel I (Level I)
1st  Place           Andrew Lencioni - So. Gibson County HS

2nd Place            Sophie Browning - So. Gibson County HS

3rd Place             Claire Duke - So. Gibson County HS


Nivel II (Level II)
1st  Place           Kristel Avendano - Munford HS

2nd Place           Joslin Boals - So. Gibson County HS

3rd Place            Eian Guevarra - Munford HS




Nivel I (Level I)
1st Place             Mallory Gray - Cooter HS

2nd Place            Mollie Biggs - Munford HS  

3rd Place             Alex Sharrard - Munford HS


Nivel II (Level II)
1st Place             Mikahel Maldonado - Munford HS

2nd Place            Averie Yeager - Munford HS

3rd Place             Lauren Carter - Munford HS


Nivel III (Level III)
1st Place           Kellsiya Hood - Covington HS

2nd Place          Jordan Leggett - Munford HS   

3rd Place           Zoe Thompson - Cooter HS


Native Speakers (not computed into Grand Premio award)

1st Place             Kathy Sanchez - Munford HS

2nd Place            Yamileth hernandez - Munford HS

3rd Place            Jaquelyn Zarate - Milan HS



1st Place             La Oficina - Westview HS

2nd Place            Vampires - Munford HS  

3rd Place             Amor Loco - So. Gibson County HS


VOCABULARIO (Vocabulary)


Nivel I (Level I)
1st Place             Mallory Gray - Cooter HS

2nd Place            Noah Lambert - Munford HS

3rd Place             Marissa Adams - Covington HS


Nivel II (Level II)
1st Place           Hannah Fitz - Milan HS

2nd Place          Cade Coursey - Obion County Central HS

3rd Place          Taylor King - Munford HS 


CONVERSACION (Conversation) School Award ONLY


Nivel I (Level I)
1st  Place           Covington HS

2nd Place            So. Gibson County HS

3rd Place            Obion County Central HS


Nivel II (Level II)
1st Place             Obion County Central HS

2nd Place            Munford. HS

3rd Place            Milan HS


Nivel III (Level III) 
1st Place             So. Gibson Co. HS

2nd Place            Covington HS

3rd Place            Obion County Central HS


Salsa Dance  

1st Place             Xan Barrell & Justin Mac – Covington HS

2nd Place            Amilia Simmons & Nick Hughey – Obion County Central HS

3rd Place            Tirzah Perez & Mason Terry – So. Gibson County HS


GRAND PREMIO (Grand Winner) School Award

School:  Obion County Central High School