Fall 2016 Theatre Production

Men's room symbol

The DSCC Theatre Department

will present


by Anna Ziegler


Thursday - Saturday, Nov. 10 -12, 2016

in the FCNB Auditorium

(Campus Activities Building)

on the Dyersburg Campus.


BOY is inspired by a true story, and centers on the nature vs. nurture discussion.  In the 1960's a couple gives birth to identical twin boys.  At several months old, due to a medical condition, it is recommended that the boys be circumcised.  When the first child is taken in for the procedure, the cauterization machine used malfunctions, rendering the poor boy maimed. Obviously, no circumcision is then performed on the second child.  The parents, not knowing where to turn, learn of a renowned doctor, a pioneer in gender reassignment surgery.  The doctor suggests that the parents really have no choice but to raise the boy as a girl.  They do so, but leading up to his/her teen years, the boy, now known as Samantha, rebels against undergoing a surgery which the doctor claims will make "her" more whole.  Samantha's subsequent actions lead her parents to tell both twins about the accident and their reasons for raising Samuel as Samantha.  They allow him to make the decision to live as a male from that point onward.

This play, in moving around in time, examines the progression/regression that Sam/Samantha/Adam (HIS chosen name) experiences in trying to live as a man, and in simply longing for love. Will that even be possible?

Admission is $5.00 for DSCC Students, faculty & staff, as well as Senior Citizens.

$6.00 for all others.

This play has a PG13 rating.

For more information, please call 286-3261.