Spring 2016 Theatre Production

Dining Room

The DSCC Theatre Department presets...............


                            The Dining Room

                                         By AR. Gurney


Thursday - Saturday,  March 7-19
7:30 PM
FCNB Auditorium
Campus Activities Building
Dyersburg campus

The play focuses on the role the formal dining room formerly played in upper class America, and the diminishing of that role over several generations.  Scenes range from a "Father Knows Best"- type family getting ready for a typical day, - to a young wife banging away at a typewriter on her husband's beloved family table, - to a grown brother and sister debating over which of them should get the dining room belonging to their newly moved and retired mother.  Several vignettes show the evolution of this once revered room, thus commenting on society in a larger context.





Tickets (available at door only)

$5.00 for students, DSCC faculty & staff, and senior citizens

$6.00 for all others

For more information, call 731-286-3261.