TMTA Math Competition Hosted by DSCC

Local high school students represent Brighton, Dyer County, Dyersburg, Munford and Tipton-Rosemark

Local students who excel in mathematics took part in the annual statewide high school mathematics competition sponsored by the Tennessee Mathematics Teachers’ Association (TMTA) April 10 hosted at Dyersburg State Community College (DSCC).

Each year, the contest is conducted as an academic festival where students represent their schools in competition. These specially selected school representatives compete with others for preeminence in their region and in the state. Students from Brighton, Dyer County, Dyersburg, Munford and Tipton-Rosemark Academy High Schools and Brighton Middle School all took part.

There are six divisions in the contest including Algebra I, Algebra II, Calculus and Advanced Topics, Geometry, Pre-Calculus and Statistics. A student may compete in only one division. The division for Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry are open only to students who have been enrolled in the corresponding course during the current academic year. Junior high school students are eligible to compete if they satisfy the enrollment requirement. The Statistics, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus and Advanced Topics divisions are for students who have been enrolled in coursework beyond Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry during the current academic year.

The top 10 winners in each division of this year’s competition are:

Algebra I

1 – MacKenzie Saylors, Brighton Middle School

2 – Angelina Noneaker, Brighton Middle School

3 – Collin Wanser, Brighton Middle School

4 – Jessica True, Brighton Middle School

5 – Landon Fortner, Dyersburg High School (tie)

5 – Mason Rodriguez, Brighton Middle School (tie)

7 – Jared Norman, Dyersburg High School

8 – Matthew Bentley, Brighton Middle School

9 – Jasmine Dupree, Brighton Middle School

10 – Joshua White, Brighton Middle School

Algebra II

1 – Alveena Nadeem, Dyersburg High School

2 – Lucas Pierce, Munford High School

3 – Raegan Hamm, Dyersburg High School

4 – Madelyn Webb, Dyersburg High School

5 – Rylee Baker, Dyersburg High School

6 – Ian Keith, Brighton High School

7 – Davis Cox, Tipton-Rosemark Academy

8 – Katy Burkeen, Dyer County High School

9 – Samuel Green, Munford High School (tie)

9 – Manuel Echavez, Dyersburg High School (tie)

Calculus and Advanced Topics

1 – Matthew Byrd, Munford High School

2 – Cameron Buss, Dyersburg High School

3 – Jonathan Ervin, Munford High School

4 – Riley Hull, Munford High School

5 – Logan Miller, Dyersburg High School (tie)

5 – Joshua Enger, Munford High School (tie)

7 – Robert Amundson, Brighton High School

8 – James McCord, Dyer County High School

9 – Rebecca Reed, Dyersburg High School

10 – Tanner Hobson, Brighton High School


1 – Cannon Clark, Brighton High School

2 – Nolan Burch, Dyersburg High School

3 – Steven Zheng, Brighton High School

4 – Davis Fly, Tipton-Rosemark Academy

5 – Erin Bentley, Brighton High School

6 – Spencer Franckowiak, Dyersburg High School

7 – Ethan Brown, Brighton High School

8 – Matthew McDonald, Brighton High School

9 – Nicholas Welch, Dyersburg High School

10 – Nicholas Hermann, Dyer County High School


1 – Isabella Trasolini, Dyer County High School

2 – Reed Semmel, Dyersburg High School

3 – Samuel Andrews, Dyersburg High School

4 – Molly Medling, Dyer County High School

5 – Dustie Flowers, Brighton High School

6 – Cayden Stafford, Dyer County High School

7 – Kayla Tomlinson, Brighton High School (tie)

7 – Magdalena Hendrickson, Dyer County High School (tie)

9 – Kozy Hubbard, Brighton High School

10 – Sarah Turner, Tipton-Rosemark Academy


1 – Stanford White, Tipton-Rosemark Academy

2 – Olivia Newbill, Dyer County High School (tie)

2 – Felicia Kimbrell, Dyer County High School (tie)

4 – Parker Lamb, Dyer County High School (tie)

4 – Luke Tyler, Dyer County High School (tie)

6 – Grace Williams, Dyer County High School

7 – Abby Howell, Dyer County High School

8 – Lauren Caradine, Tipton-Rosemark Academy (tie)

8 – Samantha Rowland, Brighton High School (tie)

10 – Riggs Dowty, Tipton-Rosemark Academy