Student Government Association (SGA)


The Student Government Association is the official voice of the student body. It represents the feelings, values and desires of the student body to the college administration.  Members serve on most of the major college committees and are influential in every decision that is made concerning the college and students.

What is the Role of SGA?

Student Government Association Officers for 2018-2019

President/Jimmy Naifeh Center Representative:  Brianna Goodwin -

Gibson County Center Representative:  Laci Keel -

Dyersburg Campus Representative:  Jalen Dyer -

Advisors:  Director of Student Life - Stephen Thomas -; Assistant Student Life Coordinator - Robert White -


Membership in SGA is one of responsibility and prestige. SGA serves as an advocate for students to the college administration; and is influential in decisions of the college concerning the student body. Members attend annual conferences of the Tennessee Intercollegiate Legislature and other state student government activities. The organization holds weekly meetings and is responsible for sponsoring major social activities each year. SGA advises the Student Affairs Committee concerning the initiation of new student organizations and social activities.

Officers are elected annually by the student body each Spring Semester for the following academic year. Membership is open to any member of the the student body. For more information regarding SGA, view the SGA DSCC eLearn course.

1.  Click on the DSCC eLearn link on the DSCC homepage.

2.  Login using your DSCC Username and Password.

3. Choose Student Government Association from your list of courses.

News items, upcoming college activities, and information are available in the SGA eLearn class.