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I am having problems logging on. Where can I get help?
FAQ Answer: For technical assistance , contact the LRC Help Desk. The Help Desk telephone numbers are 731-288-7780 for the Dyersburg Campus , 901-475-3177 for the Jimmy Naifeh Center at Tipton County and 731-222-5180 for the Gibson County Center. You may also contact the Help Desk by e-mail at
Where do I go to get my parking decal?
FAQ Answer: Student parking decals are available at the Learning Resource Center. Please bring your ID and vehicle license plate number. Payment for a parking decal is made along with your student fees. No money is collected at the LRC.
Where do I go to get my student ID card? What do I need it for?
FAQ Answer: Student ID cards are made at the Learning Resource Center. Please bring some form of photo ID. Payment for the ID cards is made along with your student fees. No money is collected at the LRC. If an ID is lost , there is a $5.00 fee for a replacement card. A student ID is needed for general identification , checking out books from the LRC , selling back books to the bookstore and picking up a financial aid check.
When does the bookstore buy back books?
FAQ Answer: The best time to sell your textbooks is during finals: however as a service , we buyback textbooks throughout the year. Limited days are also available at the Jimmy Naifeh Center in Tipton county and the Gibson County center. Please contact the bookstore at 731.286.3241 or go to the bookstore website at
Where can I get information about housing in Dyersburg?
FAQ Answer: A good source is the Dyersburg - Dyer County Chamber of Commerce Web site at From this site , you can print out a brochure about apartment rentals.
I have recently been laid off from my job: do I qualify for WIA?
FAQ Answer: Please contact the WIA office at 731.286.3585.
It is raining/storming/snowing right now by me. How do I know if classes have been cancelled?
FAQ Answer: Check the DSCC website at for class cancellations due to weather.
Is health insurance available?
FAQ Answer: Yes , student health insurance is available through an independent company. Students interested in receiving information should contact the Office of Student Services on the Dyersburg Campus or the front desk at the Gibson County Center in Trenton or the Jimmy Naifeh Center at Tipton County.
What if I miss class due to illness?
FAQ Answer: Please see the College Catalog and Student Handbook for the policy on class attendance. Also, your instructor may have special instructions for missing classes. This information is probably listed in your course syllabus.
What is your average age student?
FAQ Answer: Our average age student is 26. This age is the average for the past year. Although the average age fluctuates, it generally remains between 26 and 28.