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How do I get an application for financial aid?
FAQ Answer: The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is now available on the web at It is helpful if you print off or pick up a worksheet at one of the Dyersburg locations and complete it prior to completing the FAFSA on the web.
What is the status of my financial aid?
FAQ Answer: You can check your financial aid status 24 hours a day online at Click on the Financial Aid link to find instructions on how to determine your financial aid status. You can also call the Financial Aid Office at 731.286.3350 and we will be happy to check on the status of your financial aid.
How do I apply to work on campus?
FAQ Answer: For Federal Work Study , students should indicate an interest by checking the appropriate question on the FAFSA. Federal Work Study funds are awarded to students who meet the March 1st priority deadline.
What if a student asks for accommodations in his or her classes?
FAQ Answer:

When a student asks us to do so, the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities, provides reasonable accommodations such as readers, scribes, signed language interpreters, and assistive technology.

At no time does a student pay fees for reasonable accommodations. However, personal services such as personal care attendants, drivers, etc. or personal devices such as tape recorders, software, etc. which would need to be taken home are the responsibility of the student.

What if a student needs a Sign Language Interpreter?
FAQ Answer:

Students who are deaf may request the use of a sign language interpreter in order to have access to course lectures and other college activities. Sign language interpreters are professionals employed by Dyersburg State Community College (DSCC).  Their job is to provide access by interpreting lecture and other spoken communication into signed communication, usually American Sign Language (ASL). Interpreters maintain a professional level of distance in the classroom when interpreting. Students handle requests for signed language interpreters directly with the Counselor/ADA Coordinator and need to do so as soon as they know they will be attending DSCC. The Counselor/ADA Coordinator may be contacted by email to arrange a meeting or phone call using TTY at

Note: The interpreter’s job is to interpret spoken language into sign, and to voice signed language. The signed language interpreter is not responsible for the student’s grasp of material, homework, testing arrangements, or attendance. These are the student’s responsibility.

What if a student with a disability is enrolled in a program that requires specific certification?
FAQ Answer:

No student can be denied access to any program based solely on his or her disability. All students must adhere to the standards of the program with necessary accommodations made according to his or her disability so long as the accommodations do not fundamentally alter the objectives of the program. When the standards are not met and the student has been given appropriate accommodations, it is reasonable that the student may be denied certification in the program.

How can I fill out the FAFSA online if I do not have a computer?
FAQ Answer:
  • Visit the One Stop Center Computer Lab.  Financial Aid Counselors are available to assist you with any questions.
I don't have a copy of my IRS Tax Transcript. How can I get one?
FAQ Answer:
  • You can request a transcript from IRS, free of charge, in one of three ways:


  • Go to
  • Look in "Tools" Section
  • Click "Order a Tax Return or Account Transcript"
  • In the Type of Transcript field, select “Return Transcript”
  • In the Tax Year field, select the tax year
  • Receive your tax transcript within 5 to 10 working days


  • Call IRS @ 1-800-908-9946
  • Follow instructions
  • Receive your tax transcript within 5 to 10 working days


Where is the Financial Aid Office located?
FAQ Answer:
  • The Financial Aid office in Dyersburg is located in the Student Center on the Dyersburg campus. You may reach this office at 731-286-3350.The Financial Aid Office in Covington is located in the Jimmy Naifeh Building on the JNC-Tipton County center. You may reach this office at 901-475-3100.
Have you received my FAFSA information yet?
FAQ Answer:
  • You can log into the MyDSCC Student Portal to see if the Financial Aid Office has received your FAFSA.  If you have not yet received your username and password from Admissions and Records, you can call the Financial Aid Office at 731-286-3350 to see if your FAFSA has been processed.  Once in the MyDSCC system you will need to follow these instructions:
    • Click on the Student Tab
    • Find the Financial Aid Requirements
    • Select the Aid Year you want to view
      • The Financial Aid Application will show as complete if we have received the FAFSA.
      • If additional documents are needed, the requirements will display as needed.