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When do I need to see an advisor?
FAQ Answer:

You must first follow the admissions process for the college ( Once this is complete, an advisor will be assigned to you in order to assist in the registration of courses. Your advisor will be able to review your information and ACT/AccuPlacer scores and assist with an overall curriculum plan.

How many days a week is the Nursing Program?
FAQ Answer:

Traditional class typically meets 3 days a week on campus and 1 day a week in the clinical area. LPN-RN class typically meets 2 days a week on campus and 1 day a week in the clinical area. Paramedic-RN class typically meets 2 days a week on campus and 1 day a week in the clinical area.

How many students do you typically accept?
FAQ Answer:

Typically, we accept between 45-48 students in the traditional class, 45-48 students in the LPN-RN class, and 20-24 students in the Paramedic-RN class.

When do I need to take the entrance exams and do I need to wait to apply until I take the entrance exams?
FAQ Answer:

You may take the entrance exams at any time. The exams must be completed before the application deadline. You can apply to the nursing program before an entrance exam is taken. Both the entrance exam and application must be completed prior to the application deadlines.

What does the Nursing Program require upon admission to the program?
FAQ Answer:

Upon acceptance into the program, orientation information will be mailed to you with your acceptance letter. At the orientation, nursing faculty will review everything that is required. A few of the requirements are immunizations, CPR certification, background checks and random drug screens. Detailed information will be discussed during new nursing student orientation.

What can I do to better my chances of getting into the nursing program?
FAQ Answer:

The best advice is to do well in all of your classes. Your GPA is calculated based on the nursing general education core curriculum only. It is a competitive program and the better grades that you have, the better your chance at being accepted.

How do I access the nursing packets on-line?
FAQ Answer: Go to and choose “Programs” from the headings at the top of the page. There will be links to the nursing programs under the Health Science section.
Which nursing admission exam do I take? Traditional RN or Fast Track Nursing Program?
FAQ Answer: The Division for Nursing requires the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) at the admissions exam for all three nursing tracks. The TEAS must be taken at DSCC and the score is good for three (3) years.
What is the minimal score you can make on the TEAS to get into the program?
FAQ Answer: DSCC does not have a pass or fail score for the TEAS. However, the higher the score, the more points you accumulate toward your total points for admission.
How often is the LPN-RN Fast Track Program offered?
FAQ Answer: The LPN-RN Fast Track program is offered yearly with classes beginning in May. It is a one year program that will complete in May of the following year. The campus location is Dyersburg. To get the most recent information regarding this program, you may access information on the DSCC website at under Programs.