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What do I need to do to apply for admission to your school?
FAQ Answer: Admission requirements vary according to your most recent educational experience. All students will need to apply, provide transcripts, ACT or COMPASS scores, and immunization information.
If I need advisement and am unable to meet with my regular advisor , where could I go on any given day to get help?
FAQ Answer: The Upward Bound office , The DSCC Advising center , Student Services or Admissions and Records.
Can I speak to an advisor?
FAQ Answer: Yes. Advisors are available at the advising centers located at each of the DSCC centers. If you plan to take courses in Trenton or Covington , you can also schedule an appointment with the Center Director (Julie Griggs or Janet Newman). During the fall and spring semesters , you can contact your academic advisor.
Someone told me I had to take a test before scheduling classes. What test do they mean?
FAQ Answer: Most likely , it is related to developmental courses you might need to take based on your ACT scores or Compass test scores. Please see an advisor to review your records and discuss why you might have been told this. You may contact the Advising Center at 731.286.3365 , 731.288.7514 or 731.286.3359.
Are there any job opportunities for students?
FAQ Answer: Students whose FAFSA results are received by March 1st receive first priority for Federal Work-Study funds , which is a need-based program with limited funds available. For information on available non-need based jobs on campus , contact Pam Dahl at 731-286-3242.
Can you explain my schedule to me? Why are some classes scheduled two days a week and others one or three days a week?
FAQ Answer: A number of factors determine when classes are offered , particularly covenience to students. Some students find that one-day a week classes work best for them as opposed to a two-day or three-day class schedule. All classes , however , require the same amount of time based of the number of credit hours being awarded.
When are you considered a full-time student at DSCC? I already have a full-time job , how can I also be a full-time student?
FAQ Answer: Enrolling in 12 or more credit hours makes you a full-time student. If you are working full-time , you should not enroll in more than one course your first semester. Afterwards , you may want to take two courses , but that should be your limit as long as you are working full-time.
Can I schedule all of my classes as online courses?
FAQ Answer: Yes , you can. However , this is not a recommended academic path for all students to take. Before you register for all on-line classes , it is recommended you take an on-line measurement to help you to determine if this is a feasible path for you to take at this time.
I did not know I had to request my transcripts from other schools. Can I register for classes without my transcripts?
FAQ Answer: Yes , you can register for one term before DSCC receives your transcripts. However , without your transcripts , you may not be able to take some courses. Also , you will not be able to receive any type of financial assistance until all admissions requirements are met.
How do I register online?
FAQ Answer: Access MyDSCC and select the How To tab for step-by-step instructions or go to the One Stop Center in Dyersburg or to the DSCC Gibson County Center or the DSCC Jimmy Naifeh Center at Tipton County.