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What is a Book Voucher?
FAQ Answer:
  • The Book Voucher Program is available to students as an advance against their financial aid award to be used for the purpose of purchasing books, supplies, or manuals for their courses. 
When do I get my financial aid refund?
FAQ Answer:
  • Students with a credit balance due to financial aid awards will not receive a refund until attendance has been verified for all classes.  Recipients will be notified via email to their MyDSCC mailbox when any disbursements are made and a refund is processed.
What does satisfactory progress mean?
FAQ Answer:

What does satisfactory progress mean?

  • Satisfactory progress means that you are progressing toward completion of your degree.  As a minimum, you must successfully complete 67% of the cumulative classes you have attempted.  A grade of A, B, C, D, or P will be required for successful completion.   In addition, you must meet the institution's minimum standards as you progress toward your degree. View the Satisfactory Academic Standards.You may receive financial aid for coursework up to 150% of the required hours for your degree or certificate, whichever comes first.
Why am I on financial aid suspension?
FAQ Answer:
  • All institutions are required to develop a maximum period of time for students to receive aid at their institution, as well as monitor their progress along the way.  Students may receive aid for no more than 150% of the hours required for the degree (90 for associate degree students). As a minimum, you must complete 67% of the classes you attempt.  A grade of A, B, C, D, or P will be required for successful completion.   In addition, you must meet the institution's minimum standards as you progress toward your degree. Failure to meet these requirements will place a student on suspension. View the Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards.
How do I appeal the loss of my financial aid due to failure to maintain satisfactory progress?
FAQ Answer:
  • Appeal instructions and forms are available online. You must also see your advisor for an academic plan for completing your degree and provide appropriate documentation as outlined in the instructions.
I'm dropping a class, how will this affect my financial aid?
FAQ Answer:
  • Lottery Scholarships: Dropping a class could result in losing your lottery scholarship forever. Other scholarships: students must pass at least 67% of the cumulative hours which they have attempted. Loans: students cannot drop below 1/2 time or their loan payment grace period begins. Additional information: Students may receive aid for 150% of their program (90 hours for associate degree students, less for certificate students) excluding Developmental courses. Please be aware that if you drop too many classes, you will run out of aid before you complete your degree.   Check with the Financial Aid Office prior to dropping a class to see how your aid will be affected.
Can I receive financial aid for summer classes?
FAQ Answer:
  • If you are eligible for Pell Grant during the fall/spring semesters, then you will be eligible for Pell Grant in the summer as long as you are enrolled in at least 6 hours.
Will my classes be held if I pay some amount of money?
FAQ Answer: Students may enroll in the Deferred Payment Plan during Fall and Spring terms. To enroll, you pay a down payment of at least 50% of your account balance plus a $25.00 deferred plan service fee. The remaining account balance will be deferred at 0% interest, and will be payable in two monthly installments. An additional late payment charge of $25 will be assessed for each installment not paid on or before the due date. For more information you may contact the Business Office at (731)286-3310.
Who do I see on campus regarding a merit based scholarship?
FAQ Answer: Please visit the Upward Bound and/or Financial Aid Office for inquiries regarding merit based scholarships.
What is the status of my FAFSA?
FAQ Answer: Have you completed an application for the current award year? A FAFSA must be filled out each new award year which begins with the fall semester. You can check your financial aid status 24 hours a day online at Click on the Financial Aid link to find instructions on how to determine your financial aid status. You can also call the Financial Aid department at 731.286.3236 and we will be happy to check on the status of your financial aid.