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Will there be any on-campus meetings for online courses?
FAQ Answer: Other than the possible proctored examination, internet course work is done completely online.
Are all tests and quizzes taken online for online courses?
FAQ Answer: Yes, all tests and quizzes are taken online. Some instructors may require students to come to the nearest campus to take online proctored tests or quizzes. Instructors should provide you with all of the necessary information about scheduling a proctored examination.
What is a test proctor and how do I find the proctor's schedule at the nearest location?
FAQ Answer: A test proctor is a Dyersburg State staff member whose primary responsibility is to ensure that the test is given by the standards and conditions outlined by the instructor. To schedule a proctor, please visit
How do I complete my coursework for online classes?
FAQ Answer: Internet courses are taught using the Online Classes course management system. Coursework completed within the online learning environment involves lectures, email, discussion boards, testing, file sharing, and group collaboration.
Are online courses easier than traditional courses?
FAQ Answer: Online courses require at least as much effort and time as traditional courses, if not more. Since students work primarily on their own without face-to-face contact with instructors, they may not always have regular classroom reminders and clarifications available to students in traditional courses.
Where do I buy textbooks that are required for an online course?
FAQ Answer: Books may be purchased at any of the college's bookstore locations or may be ordered online from the college bookstore at
Who do I contact if I need technical assistance in my online course?
FAQ Answer: For course related issues, you should contact your course instructor. For technical assistance with online classes, contact the LRC Help Desk at 731-288-7780 Dyersburg Campus or 901-475-3177 Jimmy Naifeh Center or 731-222-5180 Gibson County Center. You may also contact the Help Desk by e-mail at
How is attendance taken in a hybrid course?
FAQ Answer: Attendance for the class meeting on campus will follow the same policy as a traditional class. An online class absence may be identified as a missed assignment or inactivity in the course site, which the instructor is able to track. It is up to the instructor to determine their specific grading and attendance standards, which should be listed in their syllabus.
If I have a question or complaint about my instructor in an online course, who do I contact?
FAQ Answer: You should first talk to your instructor directly. If you still have unresolved issues, you should feel free to speak to the Division Dean or contact the Distance Education Coordinator at 731-286-3292.
Are Hybrid courses designed for specific students?
FAQ Answer: Hybrid courses are designed for busy students who need a flexible schedule and can replace some on-campus time with online study or students who prefer some personal contact with the instructor and other students.