Student Loan Instructions

Loan Request Forms

Submitting online saves you time, money and allows a quicker response from us. If you are unable to complete an electronic loan request form, you may print off the electronic form, sign it, and return it to the Financial Aid Office.

Forms can be mailed to the Financial Aid Office, Dyersburg State Community College, 1510 Lake Road, Dyersburg, Tennessee 38024, or faxed to 731-286-3354.

Paper forms are also available at each DSCC campus location or by calling the Financial Aid Office at 731-286-3244.

Cohort Default Rates

11% of DSCC students take out students loans (based on 2018-2019 information).The U.S. Department of Education releases official cohort default rates once per year. A cohort default rate is the percentage of a school's borrowers who default on the Federal Direct Loan Program loans during a particular federal fiscal year. The FY 2016 national cohort default rate is 10.1 percent. The default rate for Dyersburg State Community College during FY 2016 is 16.8 percent. For more information, and to search default rates by state and institution type, please click here.


1.  Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and include the DSCC School Code 006835.

  • You must be accepted for regular admission to the college. Call the Office of Admissions and Records at 731-286-3350 if you have questions concerning admission to the college. Please note you must maintain enrollment in at least six credit hours each semester to be considered eligible for a student loan. If you cease to be at least a half-time student for six months, repayment will begin on your student loan.

2.  Complete online entrance loan counseling and complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN).

  • Online loan counseling will be required once for the duration of your attendance at DSCC and the MPN will only be required once every ten years. DSCC will receive your MPN and loan counseling electronically by the next business day following your submission.

To complete Entrance Loan Counseling:

  • Go to the Direct Loan Entrance Counseling Website
  • Click on the green log in button located on the right side of the page
  • Click on continue to log in
  • Input your FSA ID Username or E-mail Address and your FSA ID password and click to log in
  • Click on “Complete Counseling”
  • Click on “Start Entrance Counseling”
  • Choose Tennessee and Dyersburg State Community College in the drop down box to notify our school
  • Check the “I am completing entrance counseling to receive Direct Loans as an undergraduate student” button
  • Click continue
  • Continue to read and answer the questions until you get to the end   

To complete the Master Promissory Note:

  • Go to the Direct Loan Promissory Note Website
  • Click on the green log in button located on the right side of the page
  • Click on continue to log in
  • Input your FSA ID username or E-mail Address and your FSA ID password and click to log in
  • Click on “Complete a Master Promissory Note”
  • Click on “Complete Subsidized/Unsubsidized MPN”
  • Input the information that it asks for and make sure it submits.

3.  Complete the Direct Loan Request Form and submit it online.

  • Login to MyDSCC
  • Click on the Student Tab
  • Go to Student Quick Links on right hand side and click on “Loan Request Form”
  • Click on “Complete This Form”
  • You will then be redirected to the form.
  • Make sure all blanks are completed.
  • Electronically sign form and submit.


Loan review checkpoints – After borrowing $7000 at the freshman level and/or $9000 at the sophomore level and prior to borrowing additional funds, a student must request a review of their academic standing as related to loan debt. This includes all loans (subsidized, unsubsidized, Perkins, direct, etc.). Previous loans taken out at DSCC and transfer loans taken out at other colleges will count in the calculation of total outstanding loan debt.

Students who are close to or have reached these thresholds and wish to incur additional debt will have to document need for borrowing additional funds and submit a loan review form. If you are unsure of the total amount which you have borrowed, you may access this information on the National Student Loan Database Website.

Dyersburg State does not endorse any private student loans.