Tuition and Fees

Under the Tennessee Eligibility Verification for Entitlements Act (EVEA), DSCC is required to verify that a person seeking a state public benefit - including in-state tuition - is either a United States citizen or lawfully present in the United States. There are various ways that you can comply with EVEA. If you are being assessed out-of-state tuition rates but feel you should only be charged in-state rates, you may simply need to provide the DSCC Admissions and Records Office with one or more of the documents listed in this EVEA link.
For the 2021-2022 academic year, tuition is $171.00 per credit hour for 12 credit hours. For every credit hour above 12 hours, tuition is $171.00 per credit hour plus an additional $37.00. Additionally, all students pay the following  fees: $19.00 Program Service Fee, $15.00 International Fee, and a $3.00 Student Activity Fee. A Technology Access Fee is assessed based on the number of credit hours in which the student enrolls. This non-refundable fee varies from $75.50 for three credit hours, $93.50 for four credit hours to $116.00 for five or more credit hours. For students who register on or after the first day of the term, a $10.00 late registration fee will assess. These rates are reviewed annually and are subject to change before the Fall term, which begins the 2021-2022 academic year. Fees are subject to change at any time by action of the Tennessee Board of Regents
Out-of-State tuition is charged to students who are not residents of Tennessee except for residents of Pemiscot, Dunklin, and New Madrid Counties of Missouri and Mississippi County in Arkansas. In addition to the in-state tuition and other fees listed previously, students who are classified as out-of-state for fee-paying purposes must pay $534.00 per credit hour plus an additional $107.00 per credit hour for each credit hour above 12 hours. As with other fees, the amount of tuition is subject to change.  If out-of-state residency is verified and you are enrolled in on-line courses (DSCC and/or TNeCampus) exclusively, you may be eligible for the erate of $256.50 per credit hour.
All nursing courses are assessed an additional specialized academic fee of $25.00 per credit hour. Other special course fees, such as lab, insurance, testing fees, and such, apply to some courses.

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$171.00 per credit hour through 12 hours plus an additional $37.00 per credit hour for each credit hour above 12 hours.                                             

In-state tuition plus $534.00 per credit hour through 12 hours plus an additional $107.00 per credit hour for each credit hour above 12 hours.  
Non-residents of Tennessee enrolled exclusively in online courses may qualify for the eRate tuition of $256.50 per credit hour plus the additional per credit hour on-line course fee.  Please notify the Business Office at 731-286-3308 if you think you might qualify for this rate.
TECHNOLOGY ACCESS FEE (non-refundable)
3 CREDIT HOURS - $75.50
4 CREDIT HOURS - $93.50

PROGRAM SERVICE FEE (non-refundable) - $19.00
STUDENT GOVERNMENT FEE (non-refundable) - $3.00
INTERNATIONAL FEE  (non-refundable) - $15.00