Register for Direct Deposit

  • To complete the Direct Deposit ACH Payment Enrollment Authorization Form, sign into your MyDSCC account using your Username and Password. Click on the Student Tab. Under Student Quick Links, select Direct Deposit Form
  • Only the student can complete this form, and must present a valid photo ID (ex: DSCC student ID) to a DSCC cashier at any of our campus locations.
  • Attach a voided check, or verify with your bank or credit union the routing number and account number you should enter for ACH transactions.
  • DO NOT enter the account number from your debit/bank card. The number printed on your card is not a valid bank account number.
  • It may take up to 3 days after receipt of this form by the Business Office for the authorization to be processed. You will be notified via your MyDSCC email upon receipt of this form by the Business Office.
  • You will remain enrolled in direct deposit during your continuous enrollment at DSCC; therefore, there is no need to re-enroll each semester unless you are changing your banking information or cancelling your enrollment.
  • To change your banking information, you must complete another Direct Deposit ACH Payment Enrollment Authorization Form. Check the "Direct Deposit change" box at the top of this form then enter the new banking information OR enter “cancel” in that section if you want to receive paper checks at your mailing address.  Email from your campus email account this change form along with a valid photo ID to
  • Check your DSCC email daily. You will be emailed when a refund has been processed.