Receipt of Financial Aid

Students with a credit balance due to financial aid awards will not receive a refund until attendance has been verified for all classes.  Recipients will be notified via email to their MyDSCC inbox when any disbursements are made and a refund is processed.

A "snapshot" of a student's schedule will be made on the night of the second business day after classes begin. Federal financial aid (Federal Pell Grant and FSEOG) will be calculated based on enrollment as of this date.  Adjustments may result in repayment of funds received.

Federal grant payments are made in one payment per semester, at the beginning of the semester or after the award is processed and eligibility is determined. Student workers are paid on the last working day of the month. Federal Direct Student Loans are disbursed in two equal disbursements per loan period.  First-time, first-year borrowers will receive federal loan funds no earlier than 30 days after classes begin.

All students should be prepared to purchase their textbooks by the first day of class. Due to the complexity of the financial aid awarding process and the federal requirement of verifying class attendance prior to the delivery of financial aid funds, there may be a delay in the receipt of financial aid funds. Estimated cost of textbooks and required supplies for one semester is $600 for Fall/Spring and $300 for Summer. For exact costs, contact the Dyersburg State Bookstore.  The Book Voucher Program is available to students as an advance against their financial aid award to be used for the purpose of purchasing books, supplies, or manuals for their courses.  The Book Voucher Form is available on your MyDSCC.