Estimated Cost of Attendance


Only tuition and fees are paid to DSCC. 

View the Fee Chart for actual tuition and fee rates.

The cost of attendance figures represent an estimate of what it costs to attend for an academic year. The budget components are estimated averages used solely for calculating financial aid eligibility.  

DSCC has estimated the following nine-month average budgets for the 2021-2022 year for full-time independent or dependent students.  This is an estimate of tuition, fees, books and supplies, living expenses, transportation costs and personal expenditures.

IN-STATE At home Away from home
Tuition/Fees $ 4,410.00 $ 4,410.00
Books/Supplies $ 1,200.00 $ 1,200.00
Room/Board $5,228.00 $ 9,660.00
Transportation $ 2,580.00 $ 2,580.00
Personal $ 1,170.00  
    Total $ 14,588.00 $ 17,850.00
OUT-OF STATE At home Away from home
Tuition/Fees $ 17,226.00 $ 17,226.00
Books/Supplies $ 1,200.00 $ 1,200.00
Room/Board $ 5,228.00 $ 9,660.00
Transportation $ 2,580.00 $ 2,580.00
Personal $ 1,170.00  
    Total $27,404.00

$ 30,666.00


There may be additional costs for supplies, testing, and specialized fees for some programs, such as the Nursing or EMT programs. For additional information regarding these costs, you can contact the Business Office at 731-286-3310 or


This is the estimated cost of attendance for the 2022-2023 academic year. 


Federal Pell Grant and Campus-Based Budget Construction

Initial awards are based on a full time, Fall/Spring budget and will be adjusted as the student's enrollment requires. The student's budget is based upon the student's actual  enrollment status (e.g. full-time, half-time, etc.) during each semester. For students who are later converted to a fall/spring/summer aid period, we will assume full time enrollment for summer components until the student registers for summer classes.
Federal Pell Grant and Campus-Based budgets are determined in the following manner: 
A.      In-State Student
B.      Out of State Student
Residency is determined by the student’s institutional residency status.  


Federal Pell Grant Budget

The Federal Pell Grant budget is reflected on ROAPELL and is determined by the "base" average full-time nine-month budget particular to a given student. Actual Federal Pell Grant awards are adjusted on RPAAWRD as appropriate based on the student's EFC, budget, period of enrollment and the number of credit hours allowed for payment purposes. Student loan fees are not included in the Federal Pell Grant budget reflected on ROAPELL since there would be no impact on the Federal Pell Grant award and to further minimize the number of Federal Pell Grant budgets submitted to COD.


Campus Based Budget

The Campus-Based budget is reflected on RBAPBUD. Per ROAINST, budgets are defaulted as FASPR (fall / spring). Counselors will select an alternate campus-based budget on RBAPBUD as appropriate when completing financial aid files. The Campus-Based budget for any award period may be adjusted based on other factors such as an adjustment or if the student is eligible for only one semester based on the maximum time frame allowed to complete the program of study.


Required Registration Fees: (Tuition, Technology Access Fee, Student Government Fee, International Fee, Program Services Fee)

Tuition and fee amounts are based on a student’s enrollment per the DSCC Fee Chart. Tuition and fees will be adjusted each semester for less than full-time enrollment per the DSCC Fee Chart. Fees may be adjusted for the current year as needed to include RODP and Distance Education fees.  Adjustments may be made to the tuition/fees (to show actual) when necessary in an effort to prevent over award situations.
Previous year figures are used in budget calculations for purposes of timely student notification.  The Pell award does not change with either year's fees. The cost of attendance will be adjusted for modular coursework based on length and other federal guidelines.


Books and Supplies

Books and Supplies will be adjusted each semester for part-time enrollment based on a percentage of full times costs.
12+ Hours = $730 per semester
9-11 Hours = $547 per semester
6-8 Hours = $365 per semester
Less than 6 hours = $182 per semester
Books and supplies amount is based on the annual amount of $1,460 for a full-time student per The College Board's survey of Trends in College Pricing for 2020 which can be accessed at the link below.
Prorated amounts for books and supplies: 
12+ Hours = 100% of 1460 
9-11 Hours = 75% of 1460 (rounded down)
6-8 Hours = 50% of 1460
Less than 6 hours = 25% of 1460 (rounded down)