Services for Students with Disabilities

Services for Students with Disabilities are coordinated by the Counselor/ADA Coordinator

  • Arrange, coordinate, and provide disability related support services to students.
  • Advise faculty and staff on appropriate accommodations for students.
  • Act as the representative for the student, using the ADA as a guideline.
  • Maintain records of all students who have disabilities and are registered through this office.
  • Assist as needed in the areas of counseling, advising, orientation, and scheduling.
  • Coordinate campus parking for students who have mobility issues.
  • Provide disability awareness training.
  • Verify disabilities and the need for accommodations.
  • Approve reasonable accommodations.
  • Inform students of their rights and responsibilities.


Students with disabilities are encouraged to identify themselves and to register with this office by providing medical documentation that is not more than three years old that documents the nature and extent of their disability.  Current documentation is requested in order to offer accommodations that regard a student's current strengths and weakness in processing and performance.  Doing so precludes the necessity of providing proof of disability to each faculty member from which they request accommodation.  Disability information is strictly confidential and is not released by the Counselor without consent of the student.  While individuals cannot be legally required to disclose disability information, if they wish to pursue their rights to disability accommodations, they must do so.

The Counselor works with students and, when appropriate, with their instructors, to determine two things. First, which accommodations are reasonable and second, identification and referral for other campus and community services that may be appropriate. The Counselor provides students with the tools necessary for achieving equal access.


Responsibilities of students:

1.  Self-Identifying with the Counselor/ADA Coordinator

2.  Requesting reasonable accommodations in a timely manner

3.  Meeting the academic standards expected of all students


Ultimately, responsibility lies with the student. They must contact  the Counselor and faculty with questions and concerns in a timely manner. Through the cooperation of all parties reasonable accommodations are provided.


Responsibilities of faculty:

1.  Being open to accommodating students

2.  Providing program access

3.  Meeting with students to discuss their needs

4.  Implementing reasonable accommodations

5.  Maintaining confidentiality

6.  Referring any student with a disability to the Counselor/ADA Coordinator


Shared Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the faculty to assume a shared responsibility in providing reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities.  However, if a student brings medical documentation to you, you need to refer him/her to the Counselor/ADA Coordinator, so the appropriate documentation can be made.

Everyone is responsible for:

Problem-solving issues/concerns

Maintaining academic standards for course and degree program