Eagle Ambassadors

student ambassadors

The Eagle Ambassadors are a student recruiting team organized to serve as goodwill ambassadors for Dyersburg State Community College. Members are involved in activities directly related to recruiting and enrollment services. Some of their activities include conducting campus tours, visiting area high schools to recruit potential students, participating in community events, attending college days/nights at area high schools, assisting with events on campus, participating in phone calling campaigns, and many other recruiting activities.

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Tracie Keith

Each person serving as an Eagle Ambassador must be of good moral character, be dependable, have a friendly and outgoing personality, use good taste in dress and style, and a willingness to help others. They must also possess strong leadership qualities and good communication skills, be free of disciplinary action, and devote the time and effort needed to become a successful part of DSCC’s student recruiting team.

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  • $250 scholarship per semester (maximum of four semesters)
  • Special training and experiences members receive in personal development, interpersonal communication, community college recruiting, and public relations activities.


Eagle Ambassadors serve in a vital role for Dyersburg State Community College; therefore, it is important that each member makes a commitment to perform to the best of their ability and is aware of the following requirements:

  • All members must maintain a minimum of 12 hours per semester and a 2.5 or better cumulative grade point average.
  • All members should attend a training workshop for which dates will be announced.
  • All members must attend meetings and two office hours each week in the enrollment services office.
  • Members may be asked to participate in activities that occur, not only during the day, but also possibly at night or during the weekend. Work is not an acceptable excuse for lack of participation in scheduled activities.