Cheer Team - What to Expect

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Coach Kate Thompson

DSCC Student Services


A member of the Eagles Cheer Team can expect…

  • to receive appropriate instruction in cheer, chant, simple gymnastics, and sideline decorum in a college setting provided by experienced and qualified instructors;
  • to attend 2 weekly practice sessions (3 to 5 hours per week) beginning immediately after selection;
  • to participate in organized fund-raising activities, including the DSCC Annual Golf Tournament to Benefit Athletics. Proceeds from fundraisers will be used toward the cost of uniforms, warm-ups, accessories and shoes.;
  • to be provided and accept responsibility for an official game uniform, practice uniforms and personal appearance attire;
  • to participate in exhibitions and recruitment activities;
  • to serve as a representative of DSCC and a positive role model at all times.