Youth Programs

7 year old boy in black glasses with a red bow tie looking smart standing in front of a blackboard filled with mathatical equations.

DSCC offers exciting classes for youth of all ages. 


College for Kids

College for kids encompasses an Autumn Academy offered during Fall break, Spring Academy offered during Spring break, and our largest program which is the Limitless Summer. Date and details are available here.


Innovative STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Academyt

Our STEM program is an opportunity for students to experience innovative and engaging science lessons in a lab setting. Students will create STEM projects, explore astronomy, dissect specimens, and so much more!


Minecraft Camp

This camp is for students ages 9 - 15 years of age. Students use the program to integrate the topics of Science, Technology, Engineering, and mathematics(STEM) into a fun and challenging formate that encourages teamwork and problem solving skills. Learn more here.


Gifted EXCEL Institute

Let your child's mind explore and expand this Summer. Students will embark on a challenging journey, participating in STEM and project-based Learning Labs while having fun and and creating new friendships. 


Special Population SOAR Camp

Come enjoy our unique, structured camp that engages students in projects and new social groups. This camp is designed for our special population students who have and IEP and goals to meet during an extended school year setting. More information here.

Contact Information

Mandy Fisher
Director of Continuing Education 

Becky McCaslin
Continuing Education Specialist

Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Continuing Education