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TN eCampus (formerly Regents Online Degree Program) allows students from all Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) institutions to take courses that may be taught by an instructor at another TBR institution. For instance, DSCC students may take a course that is taught by a University of Memphis or Jackson State Community College instructor. The major differences between an TN eCampus course and a DSCC Online course are: The instructor may be at another TBR institution which could make it difficult to drop by their office and get assistance. There is an TN eCampus Fee associated with TN eCampus courses in addition to tuition costs. Textbook information must be obtained from the TN eCampus Bookstore website. The DSCC Bookstore will not have your TN eCampus textbook in stock. A major misconception about TN eCampus courses is that TN eCampus courses are different than DSCC courses. This is not the case. TN eCampus is a delivery mechanism similar to that of face-to-face, online, and hybrid courses. You Apply, Find Courses, Register, and Pay for TN eCampus courses just like you would any other DSCC Course. In fact, your Financial Aid, Degree, Transcripts, and other administrative services are also completed through DSCC.

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