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Richard E. Donner Arboretum and Nature Trail

The Richard E. Donner Arboretum and Nature Trail was dedicated in 2001 and is located in the coastal plain ecotype with loess soils including forested hills and creek bottom containing a multitude of species of hardwoods and other native shrubs, vines, grasses, and forbs. In 2002 an outdoor classroom was constructed on a forested portion of the Dyersburg State Community College campus thanks to donations from the Richard E. Donner estate. In 2003, through funding provided by the USDA and Tennessee Division of Forestry, 84 trees were planted on the DSCC campus with a goal to create and maintain the native hardwood community that once existed along the bluffs of the Mississippi Delta in West Tennessee.

The Richard E. Donner Arboretum and Nature Trail is situated on the more than 115 acres of the campus of DSCC in Dyersburg, Tennessee, where the focus is student learning through improving the quality of higher education in northwest Tennessee. The goal of the arboretum is to establish native tree species with their complimentary under-stories, maintain them, and provide educational teaching and learning opportunities for DSCC students as well as for the general public. The level I arboretum offers several walking trails along with the outdoor classroom, and features more than 40 tree species. Each tree is identified with a sign that can be scanned using a smartphone to learn more about the tree, and is a great opportunity to incorporate technology, education, and nature into a rewarding learning experience.

The arboretum will be regularly maintained on an as-needed basis by the DSCC maintenance department, biology instructor, and students. DSCC students can receive credit in their course by planting, mulching, clearing debris from trails, and other tasks as needed. DSCC has a horticulturalist, master gardener, and maintenance personnel who are experienced in all areas of grounds and tree maintenance, and equipment such as tractors, trailers, mowers, shovels, and wheelbarrows are available for use. Personnel and students will use the Best Management Practices for Pruning Landscape Trees, Shrubs, and Ground Covers published by the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture (copyright 2008). In the event that trees need to be pruned, the DSCC Arboretum chairperson will secure bids from licensed tree removal specialists. Additionally, the DSCC Arboretum Committee will meet regularly to address issues, problems, or potential hazards and work together to resolve these potential problems as they arise. The arboretum is open daily during daylight hours. Guided tours will be available on Earth Day, Arbor Day, and other special events as planned. For more information, call 731-286-3367, or visit us at https://www.dscc.edu/

For more information and details on the flora that are part of the arboretum, please visit the following link: https://experience.plantsoon.com/visit/richard-donner-arboretum-dscc/entities/floras?language=en