Services for Students with Disabilities

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Counselor & ADA Coordinator

The Counselor/ADA Coordinator provides information, support services, and assistance to students who have disabilities to enable them to have the greatest opportunity for success possible and to ensure a discrimination-free environment in the pursuit of educational opportunities. Students with disabilities are encouraged to identify themselves and to register with the College.

Early self-identification, will allow the student the opportunity to receive whatever reasonable assistance and/or accommodations are needed as quickly as possible.  Students need to make appointments for semester planning meetings as soon as they register for the next semester’s classes with the Counselor/ADA Coordinator.  Please refer to the headings below for more information.

DSCC is committed to providing a discrimination free learning environment for all students. If you that you have received unequal treatment because of a disability, contact the Counselor/ADA Coordinator. Review the DSCC Policy 04:04:04:00 - Services for Students with Disabilities for more information concerning the complaint resolution process.


Who needs these services?
Student responsibilities

Though faculty and staff have certain responsibilities in the process of providing accommodations, so does the student.

Disabilities & Accommodations

So, what are some of the accommodations that might be available for various disabilities?

Is long COVID (or post-COVID condition) recognized as a disability?

Disability Etiquette
Disability Resources

There are resources available to students with disabilities and to those who are interested in better understanding those students.