– Dyersburg State Community College (DSCC) honored its 88th, 89th, and 90th Nursing classes with a ceremony for 26 graduates in the Traditional Day Nursing program, 16 in the Traditional Evening Nursing program, and 34 graduates in the Advanced Standing LPN-RN Fast Track Nursing program on May 2. A total of 2,323 nursing students have graduated from DSCC over the past 43 years. “The nursing pinning ceremony is a hallowed tradition of nursing education that symbolizes the students’ hard work, dedication, perseverance, and commitment to the betterment of others. It is the culminating event on the way to becoming a registered nurse, and we are incredibly proud of our 76 students who will soon be serving our communities and filling a myriad of roles within our healthcare ecosystem,” states Dr. Cook.

Mr. W.C. Robinson introduced the class officers to the Traditional Day, Traditional Evening, and Advanced Standing LPN to RN Fast Track Nursing program. The Traditional Day Nursing class officers include Kaylee Rogers of Dyersburg, president; Sara Markham of Newbern, vice president; Grace Ann Chandler of Collierville and Jesse Cannon of Covington, historians; and Brittany Shepard of Brighton, secretary. Class officers for the Traditional Evening Nursing class include Annamarie Maddox of Dyersburg, president; Amy Pool of Union City, vice president; Shelby Gooch of Trentonand Savana Childresof Brighton, historians; and Whitney White of Troy, secretary.Class officers for the LPN to RN Fast Track Nursing program include Kaylee Prescott of Humboldt, president; Janina Warrington of Humboldt, vice president; Cassy Ozment of Dyer, secretary; and Jaylen Bledsoe of Ripleyand Bobbie Sykes of Huntingdon, historians.

Ms. Lucy DeSpain opened the ceremony with the invocation. Dr. Christy Hamilton, Director of Nursing, welcomed the graduates. DSCC President Dr. Scott Cook acknowledged the graduates and congratulated them on their accomplishments. The Traditional Day and Evening class presidents, Ms. Kaylee Rogers and Ms. Annamarie Maddox, and the Advanced Standing LPN to RN Fast Track class president, Ms. Kaylee Prescott, spoke to the graduating classes about their endeavors.

Ms. Jackie Watson, Dean of Health Sciences, presented the Friend of Nursing Award to three recipients: Ms. Dana Penn, Mr. John Thomas, and Ms. Nancy Lott.“The Friend of Nursing is someone who makes the day a little brighter. You know they will be there and go out of their way to make sure all is well,” stated Ms. Watson.

The Scholastic Awards, presented by Ms. Kim Chrestman, Assistant Director of Nursing, to students with the highest grade-point average (GPA) in each class. The Traditional Day Nursing class scholastic award winner was Rachel Bell of Newbern, graduating with a 3.51 GPA. The Traditional Evening Nursing class scholastic award winner was Dana Pruett of Brighton, graduating with a 3.24 GPA. The Advanced Standing LPN-RN Fast-Track Nursing class scholastic award winner was Ms. Diana Guillory of Milan, graduating with a 3.55 GPA.

The Clinical Practice Awards, selected by members of the nursing faculty, were presented by Ms. Tammy Hines to Traditional Day Nursing class graduate Jesse Cannon of Covington, Traditional Evening Nursing class graduate Dana Pruett of Brighton, and Advanced Standing LPN to RN Fast Track Nursing class graduate Abigail Henderson of Ripley. This award is given to nursing graduates who demonstrate qualities such as the practice of nursing as a humanistic art and science, the recognition of each person as a unique individual, and acceptance of legal and ethical professional accountability.

Ms. Lisa Hayden presented the Peggy Pendergrast Faculty Award to the Traditional Day Nursing class graduate Ashley Graham of Union City, Traditional Evening Nursing class graduate Tiffany French of Beech Bluff, and the Advanced Standing LPN to RN Fast Track Nursing class graduate Lucy DeSpain of Ripley. This special award, given in honor of the late Peggy Pendergrast, founding director of the DSCC nursing program, is presented to students demonstrating essential qualities for effective nursing practice.

Ms. Christie Hamm presented the Friendship Awards, chosen by fellow class members, to Traditional Day Nursing class graduate Deana Wyrick of Rutherford, Traditional Evening Nursing class graduate Shelby Gooch of Trenton, and Advanced Standing LPN to RN Nursing class graduate Kaylee Prescott of Humboldt.

The presentation of the Traditional Day Nursing students was given by Dr. Brittany Gatlin, followed by the presentation of the Traditional Evening Nursing students by Ms. Darian Hudson and Advanced Standing LPN to RN Fast Track Nursing students by Ms. Megan Shearon. Dr. Christy Hamilton led the awarding of pins, followed by the presentation of lamps by Ms. Tammy Hines. The lamps were lit by Ms. Abby O’Neal, Ms. Michelle Davis, Mr. Craig Metcalf, and Ms. Lori Turner. Ms. Dawn Chalk led the Nightingale Pledge. Ms. Kellie Presgrove-Evins, Traditional Day Nursing class graduate, closed the pinning ceremony with the benediction.

The 26 graduates of DSCC’s spring 2024 traditional day nursing class include the following:

Alamo – Luna Cox

Atoka – Laura Bourland

Brighton – Kellie Presgrove-Evins and Brittany Shepard

Collierville – Grace Chandler

Covington – Jesse Cannon and Kayla Walls

Dyersburg – Asia Brooks, Haley Climer, Kaylee Rogers, and Breanna Thompson

Finley – Emma Junior

Hornbeak – Lisa Lewis

Huron – Amanda Wood

Jackson – Precious Boyd

Lakeland – Ivy Barnes

Munford – Erin Williamson

Newbern – Rachel Bell and Sara Markham

Ripley – Dominque Capers and Sa’Nya Mitchell

Rutherford – Abbey McCall and Deana Wyrick

Tiptonville – Alexis Tolley

Trenton – Caleigh Patterson

Union City – Ashley Graham

The 16 graduates of DSCC’s spring 2024 traditional evening nursing class include the following:

Atwood – Michelle Hart

Beech Bluff – Tiffany French

Blytheville (AR) – Melissa Gribble

Brighton – Savana Childres and Dana Pruett

Caruthersville (MO) – Kelly Cagle

Dyersburg – Annamarie Maddox, Alexis Wells, and Miranda Winbush

Humboldt – Micaha Gonzalez

Milan – Emilee Hunt

Newbern – Anna Hart

Ripley – Baleigh Dew

Trenton – Shelby Gooch

Troy – Whitney White

Union City – Amy pool

The 34 graduates of DSCC’s spring 2024 fast-track LPN to RN nursing class include:

Beech Bluff – Tayler Ursery

Big Sandy – Robin Turrentine

Brownsville – Deonca Ballard and April Fountain

Caruthersville (MO) – Angelina Murillo

Covington – Deana Lundeen

Dyer – Cassy Ozment

Dyersburg – Kamery Cummings, Abbie Parnell, Amanda Schneider, and Kaleenia Smith

Gleason – Amanda Houston

Halls – Caitlyn Lewis

Henning – Cynthia Kirkpatrick

Humboldt – Christina Langston, Cantrell Lemons, Kaylee Prescott, and Janina Warrington

Huntingdon – Bobbie Sykes

Lexington – Melanie Crowe

McKenzie – Kierstyn Smith

Memphis – Alexis Baptist and Teshema Brown

Milan – Diana Guillory

Millington – Janeaka Wilson

Paris – Nikki Wynn

Ridgely – Rachel Daniels and Amber Manns

Ripley – Jaylen Bledsoe, Lucy Despain, Abigail Henderson, and Elizabeth Smith

Sardis – Alyson Frederick

Union City – Kayla Hamil