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Dyersburg State Community College and Follett, the college bookstore, have partnered to deliver the Digital Engagement Initiative (DEI), which provides eBooks and digital access codes to students. The primary goal of the DEI program is to minimize student cost for books and course materials.  It also aims to connect an eBook or access code directly to classes so that students have access to their course materials from the first day of class. For courses included in this program, charges for the eBooks and/or access codes are conveniently and automatically billed to the student’s account. Students have the option to opt out of using an eBook if they prefer to acquire a printed book from the bookstore or another vendor.

Does my course use an eBook?
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Approximately two weeks before classes begin each semester, students will receive an email from Follett (from noreply@follett.com) with an invitation to the Follett Customer Portal. From this portal, students can choose to continue with eBooks for applicable courses or opt out.  Students who opt out of eBooks and digital materials on one or more of their courses will have the course materials fee removed from their student account and will need to purchase books and materials for those courses.
Please Note: The cost of the eBooks is NOT covered by TN Promise or TN Reconnect at this time.  Materials may be paid for out-of-pocket or may be covered by other applicable financial aid.
Charges for the eBooks (or other digital course materials, such as access codes) will appear on a student’s bill using the following codes:
EBKA – ART electronic materials
EBKC – COMM electronic materials
EBKH – HIST electronic materials
EBKM – MATH electronic materials
EBKO – ORN electronic materials
EBKT – THEA electronic materials

DSCC Bookstore Contact

Mary Younger
Follett Store Manager
Store 1724, Dyersburg Campus
Store 1724, Gibson County Center

Sarah Fisher
Follett Store Manager
Store 1763, Jimmy Naifeh Center

Follett Portal For Opt-Out: Dyersburg and Henry County Center students:

Follett Portal for Opt-Out for Jimmy Naifeh Center Students:

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