TnCIS student

The Tennessee Consortium for International Studies (TnCIS) represents nineteen colleges and universities devoted to making international education and cultural understanding a central goal of higher education throughout the state of Tennessee.

For summer 2020, students have the opportunity to study courses abroad countries such as Brazil, Cuba, Eastern European’s Best, Ecuador/Galapagos Islands, England, France, Germany, Great European Capitals, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Scotland, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, and Turkey.   Students have the opportunity to take a course already in their plan of study with the same academic rigor as in the classroom, but get to experience the culture and majesty of a foreign location! A list of DSCC approved TnCIS courses for summer 2020.

DSCC students should follow these necessary steps:

  1. In the fall, apply for a DSCC scholarship to fund your experience following the application process below.
  2. Apply to a program and course of interest with TnCIS.
  3. Travel the summer between your first and second years at DSCC.
  4. Finally, serve as an International Studies Ambassador to represent the college in an official capacity to promote TnCIS and international studies events.

DSCC Study Abroad Program Scholarship applications will be accepted through December 1, 2019 for Summer 2020TnCIS programs. 

For more information, contact Office of Student Services at 731-286-3234 or