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  • Upon cancellation of a class by the institution.
  • On behalf of a student whose death occurs during the term. Any indebtedness should be offset against the refund.
  • For students who drop a course or courses before the first day of the term.
  • To students who are compelled by the institution to withdraw when it is determined that through institutional error they were academically ineligible for enrollment or were not properly admitted to enroll for the course(s) being dropped. An appropriate official must certify in writing that this provision is applicable in each case.

Except for the provision outlined above, NO FEES are refundable unless the courses relating to those fees are dropped before 12 a.m. midnight on the night PRIOR to the first official date of each term.

After the term begins, if you are dropping a class and adding another class, the drop and add must be processed on the same day in order to exchange the fees from the dropped class for the added class. TNeCampus courses cannot be evenly exchanged with DSCC courses, because these courses are charged at a different per hour rate and are charged separately from DSCC courses. Refunds for tuition only may be provided when changes in courses occur on the first day of the term through the end of the 25% fee adjustment period.


The fee adjustment is calculated as the difference between (1) the per credit hour cost of originally enrolled hours and (2) the per credit hour cost of the courses at final enrollment after adjustments have been applied for all courses dropped.

Adjustments are calculated at the full per credit hour rate less the fee adjustment credit at the applicable fee adjustment percentage (regardless of the original number of hours enrolled). Not all drops/withdrawals will result in fee adjustments. For example, if a student is enrolled in 15 credit hours and drops to 12 credit hours during the 75% fee adjustment period, the student will be responsible for the full price of 12 hours plus 25% of the cost of the three credit hours that were dropped. So, the amount the student would owe in tuition in this scenario would be 12 hours + (3 hrs x 25% penalty) .75 = 12.75 credit hours x the per credit hour rate.

Refunds of tuition only are allowed for the first 25% of the term. No refunds will be made beyond the 25% period.