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And Clubs

DSCC offers a number of student organizations and clubs that enrich and enhance your college experience!

Want to join a student organization or club? Find a group that fits one of your interests and get involved in the DSCC community!

The general goal of Astronomy Club is to raise people’s awareness and appreciation of astronomy adventures.  To do so, the club organizes starry night observations, solar viewing, and other activities. Even though club membership is limited to students, everyone including local community members are allowed to attend events sponsored by the club.

For more information, contact Dr. Aklilu Maasho at maasho@dscc.edu or (901) 475-3167.

The Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) is a fellowship program and organization involving students. Its purpose is to search for truth of which God is the source. Its goal is to reach students for Christ and His church. Programs include evangelism, discipleship, missions and ministry. Activities include Bible study, worship, fun, service and fellowship. Programs and activities are open to all DSCC students. A free Lunch Encounter meal is served every Wednesday at the Baptist Collegiate Ministry building on the Dyersburg campus.

For more information, contact Brittany Harwell at harwell@dscc.edu or (731) 285-3750.

The Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) is a fellowship program and organization involving students. Its purpose is to search for truth of which God is the source. Its goal is to reach students for Christ and His church. Programs include evangelism, discipleship, missions and ministry. Activities include Bible study, worship, fun, service and fellowship. Programs and activities are open to all DSCC students.

More information coming soon.

The DSCC Criminal Justice Association promotes professional, academic and public awareness of criminal justice issues in an effort to improve criminal justice through educational activities.  Members are encouraged to pursue higher education and professional training in criminal justice.  The association promotes high standards of ethical conduct within the criminal justice field.

For more information, contact faculty advisor Michael Brooks at brooks@dscc.edu or (901) 475-3164.

The Eagle Ambassadors are a group of current students chosen to represent Dyersburg State Community College. Members are involved in activities related to recruiting and enrollment services. These student ambassadors give campus tours to prospective students, assist with student life events, participate in local community events and many other recruiting activities.

Each student serving as an Eagle Ambassador must be dependable, have a friendly personality and a willingness to help others. They must also possess strong leadership qualities, have strong academic standing and must be willing to devote time to the college and community.


$250 scholarship per semester (maximum of four semesters)

Training and experiences members receive in personal development, interpersonal communication, community college recruiting, and public relations activities.


Eagle Ambassadors serve in a vital role for Dyersburg State Community College; therefore, it is important that each member makes a commitment to perform to the best of their ability and is aware of the following requirements:

All members must maintain a minimum of 6 hours per semester and a 2.5 or better cumulative grade point average.

All members must be involved in at least one other student club or organization.

Students interested in the education of young children help make up the Early Childhood Educators club. Through club meetings and activities, this group provides fellowship, support, and resources for club members, while also advocating for best education practices with young children in our community.

For more information, contact faculty advisor Patty Sharp at ppsharp@dscc.edu or (731) 286-3362.

More information coming soon.

Forward Motion is DSCC’s Performing Arts club.  Whether it be through theatrical performances, music, spoken word poetry, film/video, dance, standup comedy, or a live reading of a short story, Forward Motion is dedicated to providing performing arts opportunities for DSCC students, alumni, faculty/staff, and members of the community.

For more information, contact Thomas Frost at frost@dscc.edu or (731) 286-3261.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is for Coaches, Student Athletes and Fans!

FCA is designed to engage with individuals where they are on their spiritual journey.  This means helping those who participate experience the gospel, grow in their faith (as they study God’s Word and apply it to their life), and share Him with others.

The Multicultural Association of Successful Students (MASS) promotes diversity and cultural understanding at Dyersburg State. The purpose of the organization is to foster better understanding between persons from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. MASS will also serve as a vehicle to heighten the college community’s awareness of the concerns of students from diverse backgrounds.

For more information, contact Cruz Perea at cperea@dscc.edu or (731) 286-3332.

The goal of the Alpha Epsilon Alpha Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) International Honor Society is to recognize the academic achievements of its members and to provide an opportunity for them to become actively involved in student life. Members should exemplify four hallmarks of the society: scholarship, leadership, service and fellowship.

To be invited into membership in the society, students must meet the following criteria:

a.  have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher;

b.  have completed twelve hours of college-level courses at Dyersburg State;

c.  have completed all college preparatory requirements; and

d.  be currently enrolled in six semester hours or more as a student at
Dyersburg State.


For more information, contact Dr. Brigham Scallion at scallion@dscc.edu or (901) 475-3119; or Susan Davis at randolph@dscc.edu or (731) 288-7755.

The Psychology Club provides students interested in pursuing careers in psychology a venue in which all aspects of the field can be discussed and explored. Members are also provided information and experiences regarding academic and professional opportunities in psychology.

For the Dyersburg campus, contact Brent Fonville at bfonville@dscc.edu or (731) 286-3374.

For the DSCC Jimmy Naifeh Center at Tipton County, contact Jeannine McMahon at mcmahon@dscc.edu or (901) 475-3117.

The Student Government Association is the official voice of the student body. It represents the feelings, values and desires of the student body to the college administration.  Members serve on most of the major college committees and are influential in every decision that is made concerning the college and students.

Membership in SGA is one of responsibility and prestige. SGA serves as an advocate for students to the college administration; and is influential in decisions of the college concerning the student body. Members attend annual conferences of the Tennessee Intercollegiate Legislature and other state student government activities. The organization holds weekly meetings and is responsible for sponsoring major social activities each year. SGA advises the Student Affairs Committee concerning the initiation of new student organizations and social activities.

Officers are elected annually by the student body each Spring Semester for the following academic year. Membership is open to any member of the the student body. For more information regarding SGA, view the SGA DSCC eLearn course.

1.  Click on the DSCC eLearn link on the DSCC homepage.

2.  Login using your DSCC Username and Password.

3. Choose Student Government Association from your list of courses.

News items, upcoming college activities, and information are available in the SGA eLearn class.

For more information, contact Hannah Yawn at yawn@dscc.edu or (901) 475-3166.

The Student Nurses’ Association supports nursing education in a manner that promotes quality health care. The student association provide programs representative of fundamental and current professional interest and concerns. Sponsored activities aid in the development of the whole person in the professional role and responsibility of health care. Nursing students are prepared to become active members of the professional association of registered nurses after graduation.